Surgical Spaces

Surgical spaces are sensitive areas where functionality and hygiene matter. The Integromed solution for surgical spaces is specifically tailored to these high demands. We equip your OR with our highly flexible Modular Wall System, easy to install, dismantle, interchange and expand, while at the same time offering robustness and cleanliness. And furthermore, we design surgical spaces in an attractive design, including printed wall panels and a fitting colour concept. Especially in ORs it is important to avoid the accumulation of germs in hard-to-clean corners. Therefore, we integrate all built-in elements, such as monitors, built-in cabinets, medical gas outlets, x-ray viewers or operating consoles flush, directly into our wall system.

Integromed Solutions for Surgical Spaces

Benefits of the Integromed solution for Surgical Spaces
  1. Advanced hygienic properties
  2. Smooth integration of in-wall elements and cabinets
  3. Pleasant work atmosphere for clinic staff
  4. Workflow optimization
  5. Time-saving implementation
  6. Less installation effort
Surgical Spaces by Integromed are …
  1. Ergonomic and work comfort enhancing
  2. Harmonious – all items are well coordinated with each other
  3. Safe for staff and patients
  4. Up to the latest state of the art
  5. Easily maintained with minimized down times
  6. Available in different materials

For Surgical Spaces, where complexity increases and the requirements with regard to a modern environment evolve continuously, our flexible solution helps you keep control.

Modular Room Systems for Surgical Spaces

A number of further products and in-wall elements complete our modular room solution