A positive environments

How does Integromed support hospitals in creating a supportive environment? The well-being of patients is crucial for their fast recovery. For this reason, modern healthcare facilities focus more and more on the creation of a healing environment, especially in ICUs and other critical areas.

The healing environment is a patient-centred approach that intends to reduce stress for the patient. This integral concept covers a broad range of aspects, such as the protection of the patients’ dignity and privacy, the minimization of risks as well as social and mental support, patient involvement and empowerment, and their emotional experience.

Integromed helps healing enviroments to apply the principles of the supportive design. The appropriate room proportions and the choice of materials, together with pleasant colours and natural images create a comfortable environment with a positive effect on the well-being on patients and also their beloved ones.

A good room design ensures good orientation, supports positive emotions and relieves anxiety. Furthermore, a pleasant atmosphere has a direct effect on the perceived quality of care and therefore can improve the hospital’s image.

Nature scenes and lightings play an important role in healing environments. As the patients are often isolated from nature, interiors with natural prints can have a calming, supportive impact on the patient and relieve stress and anxiety.

NatureLux© backlit panels make use of natural images and add the positive effect of light (circadian light technology available).

Beautiful and unique images of highest resolution

Which benefits do supportive hospital environments provide?

Benefits of the Integromed solution for Healing Environments
  1. Modular system
  2. Individual choice of high-resolution pictures
  3. Pleasant comfortable room design
  4. Improves the well-being of patients
  5. In compliance with the conditions for optimal patient care: equipment, room layout, light conditions, noise level
  6. Design solutions and technologies create a good compromise between patient visibility and privacy
Wall system for Healing Environments
  1. Most often used materials: HPL, glass and powder-coated galvanized steel
  2. Especially for Healing Environments we recommend the combination of different wall materials
  3. With colour concepts we create a harmonious composition
  4. Printed wall panels belong in every Healing Environment
  5. The specific use of wooden textures creates a comfortable atmosphere
  6. Hygiene plays a major role: smooth or anti-bacterial surfaces, easy to clean and installed flush without any protruding edges
  7. Visibility by built-in windows and glass elements

Intensive Care Units and Patient Rooms are meant to be friendly places where patients feel safe and in good hands – an environment that promotes recovery.

Our Complete Modular Solution for Healing Environments

A number of further products and in-wall elements complete our modular room solution