Bone Marrow Transplantation Units

A particular design to meet the requirements of Bone Marrow Transplantation Units, including patient rooms, chemo therapy daycare unit, drug preparation room, the actual BMT unit, laboratory for stem cell storage and preparation, operating theatre and radiology.

We design the units observing the highest hygiene standards including HEPA filtration and sealed airtight and cleaning-resistant structures and equip them additionally with all the required equipment. Patient rooms are designed observing the healing environment approach and as single-bedded rooms, each including an own private toilet. Built-in windows with internal blinds or switchable smart-glass support patient visibility and safety.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

As part of our total solution, we deliver pressure chambers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, take care of the construction and equipping of the adjacent areas, organize user trainings and manage the complete project from design of the rooms up to the commissioning and beyond.
The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is increasingly utilized worldwide today for various indications, such as decompression sickness, smoke poisoning, bad wound healing, bone necrosis or even acute hearing loss.
The purchase of pressure chambers often requires larger construction measures, among other things due to the big size of the devices. We are happy to manage this process as your one-stop shop provider.

Which benefits do our designs for special applications provide?

Benefits of the Integromed solution for Special Applications
  1. Fitting solution for special requirements
  2. One-stop shop including project management, installation and training
  3. Upon request including delivery of the medical equipment package
Our designs for special applications comprise many possible fields of use
  1. Mobile Isolation Cabins
  2. TPN-Room Solutions (Total parenteral nutrition)
  3. Bone Marrow Transplantation Units
  4. Mobile Hospitals
  5. Hyperbaric Chambers
  6. and more …

Special needs usually require a very individual consultation and support from a very early stage.

Mobile Hospitals

Mobile hospitals are designed as temporary facilities for the care of patients with both severe and mild illness. They contain all needed medical devices, departments and units and consist of thermally insulated tents in different sizes. Mobile hospitals can be equipped to meet all requirements.

Mobile hospitals are:

  • modular
  • light-weight for an easy transportation
  • easily and quickly made operational
  • available in various dimensions
  • equipped with hard or soft doors depending on the requirements
  • completely isolated for use in all climate conditions
Mobile Isolation Cabins

In case of unexpected incidents that lead to a sudden and large increase of patients with highly infectious airborne diseases, hospitals’ own isolation rooms will not be sufficient to handle the high numbers of patients, and facilities need to come up with new negative pressure rooms in a very short time in order to contain the spread.

In such emergencies, mobile isolation cabins can be installed very easily, temporarily and according to the demand. Provided to the different facilities from a central stock, mobile isolation cabins offer negative pressure isolation with special air filtration and can be got up and running within just a few hours.

A number of further products and in-wall elements complete our modular room solution