Integromed as employer

A functioning healthcare industry has a tremendous importance for society everywhere in the world. Our team are proud to work in such a meaningful field and we encourage and support them to be proactive, identify demands, develop own solutions – in a nutshell: to make their own contribution and feel at home in the healthcare world.

We believe that continuous learning and development nourishes and leverages our employees’ professional growth, and because it is part of our culture to share knowledge and inspire innovation, we provide our teams with continuous opportunities for learning and development. We also understand that to perform at their best and master the different big and small challenges of the business, people need a positive environment, a culture of team work and appreciation. This is what they find in the Integromed family. After all, we are all working for the same goal of mutual success, excellence and customer satisfaction.

Integromed offers:
  • Responsible activities with interesting, varied tasks
  • The opportunity to get involved for everyone who likes to work in a team and to commit themselves
  • An international work environment
  • A modern workspace
  • A culture of flexibility, keeping an eye on our team’s work/life balance
  • Opportunities for professional and personal development
  • Openness towards team members with different backgrounds and ideas. Diversity enriches our work and helps us to serve our customers who also come from different backgrounds and parts of the world

It is part of our culture to share knowledge and inspire innovation.

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Ms. Fidallah

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