Tadawi Medical Center

In Tadawi Medical Center, we equipped 3 main operating theaters, endoscopy, ICU and patient rooms with our complete solution.

Apart from the ORs, that were cladded with PVC wall sheets including decorative images for each room, we provided and installed the medical gas system and the decorative Bed Head Units with a wooden finish that adds to a more comfortable atmosphere in Healing Environments and incorporates all important functional connections, such as the nurse call system, power and data sockets, medical gas outlets, ambient light and LED reading light.

The PVC chosen for the Operating Theatres was the appropriate solution to upgrade the conventional plaster and paint walls to an attractive, cleanable and naturally hygienic surface with excellent cleaning properties and resistance against cleaning agents.

Location: Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

Scope of work: Surgical Spaces & Healing Environments

Status of work: completed and handed over

Completion: 2017

Scope: 3 ORs, PVC wall cladding, Endoscopy, patient rooms, Intensive care unit, Medical gases

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