Prince Sultan Military Medical City

In Prince Sultan Military Medical City, we renovated the OR area with VIP section and day case environment.

We used a mix of full-height glass panels, full colour and printed, together with stainless steel wall panels. As all our wall materials can be installed on the same substructure, we easily create a material mix like in Prince Sultan Military Medical City, achieving a complete solution that is not only attractive, but also hygienic and functional.

In order to not interrupt the glass design, we chose to install most built-in elements into the stainless steel panels, however it is also possible to integrate flush elements, such as our SID, into the glass surface.

Within the total solution, we provided the Medical City with several of our Intuitive Consoles.

Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia

Scope of work: Surgical Spaces & Healing Environments

Status of work: completed and handed over

Completion: 2019

Scope: Renovation of the OR area with VIP section and day clinic

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