The Message of INTEGROMED CEO Mr. Soliman to INTEGROMED-Team

Dear INTEGROMED family!

In 2021 we celebrated our 10th anniversary!

Started in 2011 with only a few members, I am proud to say that today the company plays an active role in the development and improvement of healthcare facilities worldwide and managed to make the brand INTEGROMED known in the market.

Thinking about the reasons of this success, for sure it is about the reliable products and service that have enabled us to convince customers and partners of our solutions and thus secure new markets and profits for our company. Also through continuous innovation and modern products with an eye to maximum customer benefit, we have managed to deal on eye level with first-class renowned, mature brands.

But after all, the most important success factor of INTEGROMED is the employees!

Professional know-how, creativity, team spirit, respect and courage for the new is what makes the INTEGROMED family!

Your commitment, hard work and eagerness to perform is the heart of our success and keeps the company moving forward.

I believe that our new slogan, we believe in we, fits very well to our attitude of collaboration and I am very proud that transparency, respect and ownership are not only our values on paper, but an important part of our corporate culture.

I thank each of you for your extraordinary commitment and loyalty!

Together we made this anniversary possible!

We can be proud of the past 10 years and we can go into the next 10 years with confidence and hopefully the same positive spirit that brought us this far!